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Understanding and Seeing Someone Else's Pain

A statement I’ve learned to give a spouse, friend, caregiver or anyone who’s involved in the patient’s healthcare: If you took the happiest person in the world, put a tack in the bottom of his shoe, and see how happy he is at the end of the day!

Pain: it drains us of our motivation, enthusiasm, and second wind; it’ll take the smile right off your face. The irony is no one can see it, you look the same, and you’re seen as yourself. Yet if you break your arm, everyone goes, “Aww,” there’s all kinds of sympathy, there’s a cast! Again, the irony, a healing bone is usually painless. Unfortunately a migraine/headache, cervical/neck pain, lumbar/lower back pain, sciatica/leg pain can easily be a 10 of 10 on a pain scale. The point I’m trying to get across is the understanding pain can be and is debilitating. It’s our responsibility to know and understand the personality difference which might be noted by the short fuse, lethargic, or fatigued behaviors which a patient may exhibit.

So the next time a friend or loved one is in pain, take a second to question what can I do to help? They would appreciate it!!

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