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Weight and Food for Thought

Weight and Food for thought!
By Dr. Brian Dolmat

What I’ve found is that everyone who is overweight knows they’re overweight, and has already heard or has thought I need to lose weight. Well, I could join the ranks of every other physician, and state the obvious, but I’m not going to do that. I’m going to educate you as to why you need to become more conscientious about weight.


  1. Are you overweight?
  2. By how much? 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs? You know your answer, be honest.                             
  3. You have your answer, now how far of a vascular supply do you think there is in one pound of fat? If you could stretch it out how far would it go?  I know you don’t know, stop right here and guess. 1 feet, 10 feet, 50 feet, 100 yards, 1 mile?……Ok, you have your answer? Now, I want you to look down, are you wearing comfortable shoes? Well don’t worry it doesn’t matter you’re going anyway!


Answer: 1 pound of fat has a vascular supply of 3.5 miles. It’s microscopic, and every cell in the body demands oxygen from the vascular supply; it’s why when you prick yourself with a pin you bleed. So let’s do some math.


5lbs x 3.5 miles = 17.5 miles = Virginia Beach to Norfolk

10lbs x 3.5 miles = 35.0 miles = Virginia Beach to Hampton

15lbs x 3.5 miles = 52.5 miles = Virginia Beach to Williamsburg

20lbs x 3.5 miles = 70.0 miles = Virginia Beach to Elizabeth City, NC

25lbs x 3.5 miles = 87.5 miles = Virginia Beach to Petersburg

30lbs x 3.5 miles = 105.0 miles = Virginia Beach to Richmond

35lbs x 3.5 miles = 122.5 miles = Virginia Beach to Greenville, NC

40lbs x 3.5 miles = 140.0 miles = Virginia Beach to Delaware

100lbs x 3.5 miles = 350 miles = Virginia Beach to New York

Now, No I mean NOW! Right NOW! No questions asked, get up start running to Newport News, Williamsburg, Richmond, Washington D.C, New York. Usually, first response is laughter, followed with another Dr. Dolmat joke? No, I’m dead serious start running, no joke go now to which ever location fits your body’s excess weight.

Who’s in charge of your body? Yes, you are, do you respect your body? Yes you do, but now you have acknowledged as to what your heart has to do to move that much blood (50 miles, 100 miles, 150 miles). You laughed when I said start running, yet you never once stopped to think what your heart has to do to pump that much blood for that many miles. That much additional distance traveled and the work! It seems ridiculous to think about or even consider running up to DC, New Jersey, or New York. You think, my muscular skeletal system couldn’t do that, yet that’s what you are demanding of your heart, every minute! Your weight is not about cosmetics; it’s about your health, your future, and your quality of life.




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