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Dr. Brian Dolmat
Your Virginia Beach Chiropractor


Never been to a chiropractor before. A little hesitant before starting. Now, I’m hooked!

Jo R



I had never visited a chiropractor before and did not know what to expect. Dr Dolmat was very open, friendly and knowledgeable. He fully explains each treatment on every visit. I am extremely happy with my treatment options. Dr Dolmat’s office is the “Best in the Beach,” if not the world! Very friendly and professional. Coming to Dr Dolmat’s office is a pleasure!

Ron C

I’ve been seeing Dr Dolmat for years. He is amazing and I would not be able to survive without him!

Dawn S



My time spent at Dr Dolmat’s office has been nothing less than professional. His staff was knowledgeable and courteous. I would highly recommend this company.

Daryll P



Great people, they have helped me control my pain for a better life! Also the girls here are good looking!

Ed W



A co-worker referred me to Dr. Dolmat’s office after complaining of neck pain. After one short month my neck isn’t bothering me and my back overall feels great!! Dr. Dolmat and his staff are all very friendly and helpful! This practice is highly recommended!

Meredith W


I love coming here! The staff is always nice and courteous, yet very professional. Dr. Dolmat is a terrific chiropractor as well as a very pleasant person. I enjoy being with him and he has helped my back enormously. I am very grateful.

Judy C



Dr. Dolmat is awesome! He diagnosed my problems and I am currently working on correcting years of pain.

Gerald B



After several months of pain and numbness in my hands, arms, and elbows, Dr Dolmat has given me tremendous relief with adjustments and ultrasound therapy.  I am greatful for his knowledge.. Life is much more enjoyable now.

Bobby S



 I am 93 years old. I have been a patient of Dr. Dolmat’s for 2 years now. Sometimes my pain is so bad that I am thankful for the relief of the adjustments. It has been my pleasure to have chosen Dr. Dolmat as my chiropractor. He has an outstanding personality and always wants his patients to improve. I don’t want him to retire as long as I live.

Carol S

Dr. Dolmat made me a believer! I appreciate Dr. Dolmat to overall wellness, and the friendly staff complete my visits.

Bill J



I love the girls! I love Dr. Dolmat, too! They’re the very best!

Kathie S





I’ve been coming for the last couple of months and I simply love the staff here. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. I must admit, however, my favorite part is seeing Dr. Dolmat, he is funny and witty yet very wise… He has helped me on so many different levels, whether it is career advice or giving me a good laugh on a bad day. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs chiropractic care.

Nicole H

I had neck and back problems when I first came here. The neck problems are gone! Mid to lower back are under control, too! Very happy! Excellent and friendly staff!

Steve R

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